Know The Types Of Masks To Maintain Your Health

Increased air pollution makes you become worried about the protection of breathing. This is evidenced by increasing the production of air pollution due to emissions of gas coming from the vehicle of four wheel and two wheel. Your fears are not unreasonable, today air pollution indeed threatens the health of our breathing, therefore it is your duty to take precautions against your breathing. You may be exposed to smoke haze attacks or pollutants that wander freely in the sky, so you need not fear, you can use NIOSH N95 mask that will give you more protection against your breathing. You can get it at which is of course with a health protocol that is in compliance with health standards. Currently rife circulating on the internet and social media that provide information about how to use a good and correct health mask, but some of the information does not include reliable sources that lead to a debate in the community. But the debate proves that nowadays people have a high awareness and concern about the importance of health so that they seek to find the right and reliable information in order to improve their health and protect themselves from various health problems due to the effects of haze.

Wearing masks on contaminated air conditions as it is today is an easy and effective way to protect yourself from exposure to various pollutants that can reduce health conditions. In general, there are 2 types of health masks that can be used as a means of self-protection in the smoke haze conditions are commonly used common masks and N95 respirator masks. Both types of masks are protective devices that can protect their users from contamination of fluids or contaminated air particles. First is an ordinary mask, This mask is one of the main tools to prevent the spread of diseases such as influenza, tuberculosis and so on. Usually, this type of mask has a characteristic in the form of a strap that can be tied to the back of the head or rubber hanger that can be attributed to the ear.

The second mask is an N95 Respirator Mask is a breathing protective device designed to cover the face of its users, especially on the nose and mouth and very efficiently filter the particles in the air including microorganisms. This type of mask is highly recommended for use when smog occurs due to its ability to filter out very good pollutant particles.

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