Can You Travel Anywhere in the World With Paycation Travel?

If you are looking for an honest review about Paycation, then you came to the right place.

One of the biggest question people ask is “what is Paycation?” so we aim to review the new travel company.

The Paycation Travel Story

Paycation is one of the leading providers of travel services and travel education services around the world.

Paycation uses a complex business model. First, it negotiates great deals and discounts for all its customers thus creating a great product. Next, it uses a multilevel marketing strategy to reach a huge number of customers, while splashing huge commissions to the distributors.

The result is certainly a team of very happy and rich distributors as well as very happy customers. Paycation uses a great group of travel agencies and partners to give the best value for its end customers.

To make the distributors knowledgeable and sharp in travel, it works closely with Xstream Travel to train members to become professional travel consultants. The graduates are also known as certified travel consultants. Xstream boasts 12 years’ experience as a travel agency of repute thus making very quality trainees. With the recent shift in business models to an MLM approach, Paycation has introduced an opportunity for ordinary folk to build a fortune as independent distributors. The company can best be described as stable with its best days are ahead.

How exactly will you make your money with Paycation?

paycation travelThis is a huge question for many leads. First, understand that this is an $8 Trillion dollar industry. If you are good, it is easy to rise. To join you will have to pay $79.95 for the training and a monthly pay of $59.95 thereafter. After this, huge commissions will be within reach.

You will get commissions as you sponsor down lines under you to distribute the services. This is a fraction of the $59.95 subscription for all your leads. You will also earn from the personal commissions from each sale you make as a regular distributor.

Commissions going to all your down-lines to the third level will also add to your income. How sweet is that? Actually, there are 10 ways of earning inside the Paycation system.

Below are ways you can earn serious money.

- Personal sale incomes 
– Coded bonuses
– Matching coded bonuses
– Strong residual 3 by 7 Power matrix.
– 2 matching Matrix Bonuses
– Residual coded and matching coded bonuses
– Business Builder bonuses
– 2 Lifestyle bonuses
– Diamond team bonuses
– Million dollar bonus

Will Paycation Work for Me?

Well that’s a personal problem. It will depend on your personality and attitude. If you have the best mindset and a winning heart, then this can turn you into a millionaire! On the other hand, a slack distributor will constantly run into losses and finally give up on the way. I will be totally honest with you, whether it will work for you or not is purely a matter left to personal discretion. Consider the following facts about the service before diving in.

First, only 1% hit the full 3 x 7 matrix. That means only 1% are earning the legendary 25,000 residual each month. It will take determination and creativity to build and reproduce yourself in the team you create up to the third level. If you can hack that though, you will enjoy your marketing! Also remember that this is MLM and not a regular sales job. What am saying here is, there is no retainer. No leads means no sales and no sales means no money. It is as simple as that. You need to prepare to work before engaging in this. Make sure you sit under a great sponsor who will mentor you into being greater than they are. Joining a wrong team will affect you the wrong way.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that Paycation has a rigid, stable and tested earning system that has churned thousands of millionaires. You can as well join their ranks! Remember that if you can overcome the aforementioned challenges, a fully filled 3 x 7 matrix will earn you $25,000 monthly. That is three levels of seven leads actively paying the monthly subscription. How easy can life get. Do you imagine the advantage of riding on other people's efforts? The choice is totally yours. If you are up to the challenge, then go for it! Good luck!