The Smallest Details of Ceramic Coating

Crowded talk about ceramic coating san diego became a warm conversation in the automotive world. Who would have thought this technology is able to bring you appear confident when driving a car. You definitely will not believe that this technology will keep the authenticity of color from your car. You need to know that ceramic coating san diego is composed of materials with a small size and can penetrate deep into the pores of the paint and protect the paint from damage from the outside by forming a clear hard coating like glass, the hardness of the liquid ceramic coating san diego this will reach up to 9H that is the maximum hardness level to protect the car paint that takes about 48 hours after the application of ceramic coating san diego is very safe to paint the car and no side effects. Often comes the question about what by wearing ceramic coating san diego then the car will become anti fungus. This is an important note for any car owner that does not mean the car to be 100% anti fungus after the use of ceramic coating san diego, because even though the car paint becomes no pores anymore because there is protection from ceramic coating san diego but over time the user will gradually exist for the sake of but because the fungus appears to be easy to clean than the fungus on the car paint that does not use the technology of ceramic coating san diego.

For mushrooms that are still 1 to 3 days is usually still very easy to lose, just with the help of liquid wax sprayed and polished to dry, mushrooms must be lost because the surface of the paint becomes slippery or flat. With the protection of ceramic coating san diego mushrooms do not get into and seep into the original paint layer of the car. Mushrooms usually appear because the minerals contained in the paint left behind the car.

Although there are doubts about the technology of ceramic coating san diego but this can be refuted because with capitalize the results of research and development team of ceramic coating san diego who conduct supervision and professional appraisal of all our products, until now none of the negative effects that ever happened and this can be proven by the many results of the workmanship of various types of cars, car brands and the age of the car.

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