These Two Make-Up Mistakes That Make Your Face Look Older

As a woman, makeup is certainly a must-have requirement. Therefore, the right makeup will make you have a perfect appearance and in accordance with your age. You can also use LED Ring light as a mirror when you use makeup for your face.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are wrong in using makeup and make it different from the actual age.

1. Too many use concealer

Using too many concealers to cover wrinkles or acne scars will make you look older. the correct way is to mix it with a moisturizer before using it on the face.

2. Lipstick that is too dark

Lipstick with deep red or purple color is being used by many people in the present, but this color can also make you look, older than your actual age. You must use natural color or sheer color to match your actual age.

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