Types of Foundation

The foundation is the bottom of the building structure that serves to pass the load from the upper structure to the bottom of the soil. The foundation structure is very important in a building structure because it affects the strength of a building. If your home foundation is experiencing problems such as cracks or other things, you can contact us or visit our website and get our exciting offers to fix slab foundation that can help you keep your home safe and comfortable.

There are several types of foundations, among others:

1. Direct Foundation (STAHL)

The direct foundation (Stahl) is applied to “good” soil conditions, ie with soil hardness or ground sigma of 2 kg / cm², with a hard soil depth of approximately 1.50 m, deep groundwater conditions. Materials used for this type of foundation are usually used is stone, mountain stone, or masonry concrete.

2. Footplate Foundation

The footplate foundation is used in soil conditions with sigma between 1.5 – 2.00 kg / cm². Foundation footplate is usually used for building 2 – 4 floors, with good soil condition and stable. Material from this foundation of reinforced concrete. To determine the dimensions of this foundation with the calculation of reinforced concrete construction.

3. Wells Foundation

Foundation is used for unstable soil, with sigma smaller than 1.50 kg / cm². Like the former trash heap, the location of the muddy ground.

4. Even Foundation (Slab Foundation)
The foundation is evenly applied to very soft (soft) soil conditions. Also used for the foundation of the basement of a building.

5. Pile foundation
The pile foundation is used in soft soil, swampy soil, with soil carrying capacity (small sigma), high groundwater conditions and hard soil in very deep position. Materials for pile foundation are bamboo, Ironwood, steel, and reinforced concrete.

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